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Key Insights into Jordan’s Landmark Data Protection Legislation

Jordan has enacted its new Data Protection Law 


Enactment and Implementation Timeline

Endorsed by the Jordanian Parliament, this law is slated for enforcement from March next year. It promises to revolutionize data handling and collection practices across various sectors in Jordan (Article 3).

Scope and Objectives

At its core, the legislation aims to protect personal rights concerning individual and sensitive data managed by entities ranging from commercial to governmental and non-profit organizations. The law defines ‘personal data’ as identifiable individual information and ‘sensitive data’ as information revealing aspects like racial or ethnic origins, political beliefs, and health status (Article 2).

Governance and Enforcement Bodies

The law establishes the Personal Data Protection Board and a specialized unit within the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship. These entities are responsible for oversight, licensing, and addressing complaints (Articles 2 and 16).

Rights of Data Subjects

The law empowers individuals with rights such as access, correction, deletion, and processing limitation of their data. Data collectors and processors must obtain explicit, informed consent, barring specific lawful exceptions, and are tasked with protecting data from unauthorized access or damage (Article 4).

Regulations on Data Transfer

Stringent conditions are set for transferring personal and sensitive data, including securing individual consent and meeting legal requirements. Cross-border data transfer mandates comparable data protection levels or compliance with listed exceptions (Article 15).

Compliance and Legal Accountability

A compliance framework is in place, with penalties for law violations ranging from fines to imprisonment. The law also empowers individuals to seek compensation for serious errors or legal breaches (Article 22).

Our Firm’s Expertise and Assistance

As a well positioned law firm in the Middle Eas, we specialize in guiding clients through compliance with the Data Protection Law. Our expertise includes advising on best data handling practices and resolving legal issues under the law’s framework. For further information, please contact our office.

This Article was researched and written on March 28th, 2024 by Samer Kurdi.
This Article was reviewed and updated on Mar 28th, 2024 by Amer Kurdi.