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    We provide expert legal advice and representation in the banking and finance sector, ensuring our clients navigate complex financial regulations and transactions with confidence.


    As a leader in the banking and finance industry, you operate in a complex and highly regulated environment. Your business is subject to frequent litigation and disputes, shifting regulations, changing business models, rising customer expectations, security breaches, and macroeconomic disasters that add to the challenges.

    Palestine’s Most Preeminent Banking Law Practice

    At Kurdi & Co., we understand the legal risks and challenges that the banking and finance industry faces. With our expertise and experience in finance and banking law practice, we provide a range of legal services to help you navigate the legal landscape and overcome challenges that may arise. Our team of highly skilled attorneys has deep knowledge and understanding of innovative financial instruments, banking, and digitization of banking operations. We help you tackle complicated legal issues that arise in these areas, and ensure that you comply with all the regulatory requirements.

    As a trusted and proven banking and finance law firm, we take care of all the legal matters, so you can focus on optimizing economic value and growing your business. We work with you to understand your business needs, long-term goals, and risk tolerance, and deliver practical advice that is aligned with the regulatory and compliance framework.

    Full-Spectrum Banking and Finance Law Practice

    We understand that banking and finance are complex industries that require a deep understanding of legal frameworks and regulations. That’s why our team of experienced banking and finance attorneys provide comprehensive legal support to our clients, ranging from litigation to strategic advice. Our practice has been developed over 30 years, during which we have worked with financial organizations of all types, achieving outstanding success rates. Our clients include banks, microfinance institutions, asset managers, FinTech companies, institutional lenders and borrowers, small and medium-sized enterprises, Funding parties, and government organizations. We offer a full range of banking and finance law services, including digital markets, capital markets, corporate lending, asset financing, real estate financing, restructuring & insolvency, and many others. Let us help you navigate the complex legal landscape of the banking and finance industry.

    Our Financial Services Litigation team has over three decades of experience in handling a wide range of financial litigation matters. We have a deep understanding of the complexities of the financial industry, and our team of highly skilled professionals is well-equipped to handle all aspects of financial litigation, including bankruptcy, anti-money laundering, intellectual property, fund and asset management, cybersecurity and privacy, collection and credit, and more.

    As experts in finance and banking law, we understand the importance of maintaining customer trust, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients emerge from all types of banking and finance litigation with their reputation intact. Our financial litigation services are comprehensive, ranging from individual claims to class actions, consumer complaints to government and regulatory enforcement actions, and high-stakes appellate work to business-to-business lending disputes. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service and achieving the best possible outcome for their case.

    Our team provides comprehensive legal guidance and advice to both lenders and borrowers involved in all types of domestic asset financing transactions, such as asset-based lending, collateral finance, machinery finance, leasing, securitizations, and retail finance.

    Although Palestine lacks access to airports or sea ports, our firm is equipped to handle capital-intensive equipment, heavy building materials, manufacturing plants, infrastructure, and machinery financing transactions. We represent all parties involved in asset financing transactions, including asset owners, operators, manufacturers, financers, equity investors, lenders, lessors, lessees, joint venture partners, and others. Our asset financing practice is designed to help our clients succeed and grow their businesses by providing tailored legal solutions that minimize risk and optimize outcomes.
    For over thirty years, Kurdi & Co has been a trusted intermediary between commercial lenders and borrowers, helping both parties anticipate and fulfill their financial needs through practical solutions. We understand that the commercial lending process can be complex and heavily regulated, which is why we work to make it easy for our clients to navigate the process and achieve their objectives. Our deep knowledge of local and cross-border lending standards enables us to expertly structure commercial loans and provide a wide range of related services, including loan documentation, securitizations, letters of credit, bank operations, bank deposits and collections, regulatory compliance, loan recovery, receiverships, creditor's remedies in bankruptcy, and lender liability defense. Our unmatched expertise in these areas allows us to guide our clients through every aspect of commercial lending and borrowing.
    We help our clients expand their operations by providing assistance with licensing issues for traditional financial services providers and resolving regulatory matters for digital payments, e-wallets, mobile banking, and other high-tech instruments. We provide advice on compliance with AML & CFT regulations, help align internal systems and controls with relevant laws, and offer other related services. Our expertise also extends to legislative and regulatory policy development and advocacy for fintech solutions.

    We have partnered with clients in the digitization of payment services and incorporation of digital products and services, while also providing assistance with regulatory compliance related to financial market regulations and data privacy and cybersecurity instructions issued by the Palestinian Monetary Authority (PMA). Additionally, we develop, implement, and oversee our client's compliance with Palestinian Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Laws (AML/CFT). We also represent our clients in regulatory disputes in administrative court proceedings against decisions by regulatory authorities.
    Our team has extensive experience in advising on microfinance transactions, having worked on a number of related deals. Additionally, we have played an important role in several social investment transactions that have contributed to the growth of technology talent and the creation of economic opportunities in Palestine.
    We offer expert legal services to companies of all sizes, helping them make strategic changes to their financial structure in response to financial difficulties or when preparing for major transactions such as a sale, merger, or transfer of ownership. We provide guidance on a wide range of issues related to corporate restructuring, including debt restructuring and rescheduling, cost restructuring, distressed acquisitions and sales, formal insolvency proceedings, debt-equity swapping, and more. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their organizational objectives while minimizing legal risks and preserving their financial stability.
    Our White Collar Crimes & Investigation practice is dedicated to handling criminal investigations, including but not limited to public corruption, money laundering, corporate fraud, securities and commodities fraud, mortgage fraud, financial institution fraud, bank fraud, embezzlement, and fraud against the government. Our team has extensive experience in some of the largest and most intricate domestic fraud and corruption cases ever investigated. We are committed to providing top-tier legal services to help our clients navigate the complexities of white-collar criminal investigations and related litigation.
    In the last three decades, our banking and finance attorneys have advised hundreds of clients in dozens of different industries on the complete range of employment laws and compensation issues pertaining to thousands of employees. We provide counsel to public and private enterprises, NGOs and nonprofits, banks and financial institutions, Boards of Directors, executives, employees and private individuals on all legal, design, drafting, negotiation, and compliance aspects of employment, benefits and executive compensation matters.

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