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    Collection & Credit

    We offer legal services for collection and credit matters, helping clients manage debt recovery, credit disputes, and related litigation.


    Kurdi & Company represents key creditors on a full range of matters concerning first and third-party collections. Our expertise includes assessing and applying state; drafting corporate policies and procedures personalized to each client’s precise circumstances; conducting risk assessments, and helping clients evade challenges associated with debt collections.

    We also help you navigate through the intricacies of complicated debt recovery scenarios by designing, reviewing, and implementing due diligence to increase the likelihood of success. The stellar team of attorneys at Kurdi & Company also have significant experience in representing private equity and strategic investors who are involved in the transaction of debt portfolios. We provide key counsel on a range of collection issues from unpaid trade accounts and promissory notes to demand loans and lien registration. Our lawyers aim to work as a part of your treasury team to optimize debt capital structures in order to tailor our litigation services to your specific case.

    Credit Risk Assessment, Compliance, and Litigation

    Creditors who sell negligent debt portfolios have to abide by a range of regulatory protocols in order to evade risks and liabilities governing the sale. In such scenarios, our lawyers pride themselves on providing realistic risk assessment and pragmatic advice to bring you up to speed. We will also litigate vigorously on your behalf, should a dispute arise.

    Kurdi & Company offers a unique perspective on compliance and mitigation options to provide clients with a realistic understanding of what enforcement agencies anticipate from the industry. Our untarnished repute is built on long-standing relations with creditors, collection companies and compliance professionals. Our veteran lawyers help you manage debt-related legal issues across jurisdictions, and explore the best options available for you.

    Wide-Ranging Credit & Collection Services

    More than 30 years in the field gives us the mastery of the legal craft that secures credit and facilitates quick, hassle-free and low-cost debt collection. Our service spans virtually all areas of a cross-jurisdictional Palestinian legal landscape.

    In-House Debt Collection

    We help our clients develop a sound understanding of how to collect debt within their range of legal options. Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers represent debtors and creditors in intricate litigation and transactional matters, including loan structuring; acquisition and sale of assets; execution of credit procedures; drafting letters of credit; and the defense of fraudulent claims.

    Mariam Shqair

    Mariam Shqair

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    Maria Barghouti

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